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Important Dates:



  • February 24th-25th- 1st Competition in Louisburg, NC

  • March 23rd- 2nd Competition in Smithfield, NC

  • April 26th-28th- 3rd Competition in Raleigh, NC


Parent Meeting's:

No Parent Meetings At The Moment

Whats Required?


  • All interested students need to attend the audition for the age and genre they are interested in for the next season.
  • Auditions are closed and results with your company invitations will be emailed out.
  •  You may audition for only one team or several teams. Please choose the ones you are most interested in and will have time to devote to. You may be in a competition team class and also take recreational classes in other types of dance/tumble.
  • These auditions are not meant to be scary. We just want to see all the performers together in their age groups so we can separate the teams into the best groups to benefit the students' growth.
  •  Junior and senior levels will audition for the type of class they are interested in competing in. If groups need to be split more due to varied ages and levels seen at auditions, we will do so, per the discretion of the director.
  • All team members (taking jazz, tap, lyrical, hip hop, contemporary) are required to take a ballet class. Ballet is the foundation of all dance types and in order for students to grow as dancers, ballet classes are essential.
  • Tumble team members will be required to take an extra class for technique. They must take a leveled tumble class..
  • Tiny and mini companies will perform one routine at the competition in the genre chosen by the instructor. Their ballet will be added to their class time this year.

Team Auditions were in June. We do allow for private auditions to join our teams until we begin choreography sessions. Please email at to reserve your audition time. 

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